Practicing self-care and become more “zen” doesn’t mean we don’t also practice having good boundaries and taking a stand for what’s important.

If anything I found it’s the opposite.

To me self-care is taking a stand for how we want to live life and be treated.

It’s about self-respect ❤️

It’s about giving ourselves the permission to do what we love and with whom we love.

It’s about diving deep and allowing ourselves to identify the old belief systems not allowing us to receive abundance in all areas of our lives.

It’s a constant work in progress.

And that involves setting boundaries around our time and what we will and won’t tolerate in our loves.

It’s self-worth on the deepest level.

As we practice this we become less tolerable of being treated poorly.

This sometimes looks a little rough around the edges when we finally take a stand, but that’s okay.

It takes some getting used to.

And sometimes, we need to get a little fired up in order to take the action.

We need to lower the rose coloured glasses (just for a second!) and see clearly. Because we want to see the good in others, as we should, but not at the cost of being treated poorly.

Because some times, self-love is going to involve taking a stand that is so big that it pushes us way beyond our people pleasing limits.

This might look like a confrontation. This might look like taking legal action. This might look like setting fierce boundaries for yourself and your family.

Or it might look like discontinuing a relationship, walking away from a situation, or sending someone some love and leaving.

Sometimes zenned out looks like dialed in.

Taking action from a place of self-preservation, love and a deep respect for how we want to be treated. And the more we seem to do this, the more we see where we’re not.

Some days it might look more firey 🔥 others more peaceful ☮️ but at the end of the day it’s coming from a place of love, dignity, and healing for ourselves & others.

We can be both spiritual & spicy.