Wow what an emotional week! From broken bones, to anxiety over tests, to not doing well in class, to stress at work – we have had it covered! Whoa!! When I started slipping into victim mode around these things; “why me, why us?” – you know the drill – I remembered something important. None of this is good or bad, it’s about the judgment we put on it. We judge based on our perception, which is based on our beliefs that are passed down from society and culture. We’re taught what is god or bad, and usually don’t give it much thought.  But what if a situation just is what it is? It’s all about what we make of these experiences and the lessons we learn. With everything that happens, we can either see them as something awful or an opportunity for healing.



With Ella breaking her foot this week, we’ve already spent more snuggle time together, had lots of great conversations about persevering, and she even got back out to her workouts! Wow is she ever an inspiration! That actually inspired both a friend and myself to keep moving forward with business ideas! Just do it, right?! In any event, nothing is good or bad at the end of the day, it’s all in how we see it. Let’s shift our belief system to that. This week I chat more about just how tough it can be to let go of these beliefs systems we hang on to so tightly, and how you can in fact let them go too.


So…you’ve got a lot invested right??!! Well, I’m not talking finances – although important – but what I am talking about is beliefs. The reason you’re having a hard time shifting old belief patterns that are no longer serving you is because you’ve got a lot invested in them. That’s right, we all do. No matter how much you say you want to change, you must look at the whole picture in order to do so. Read on to learn why you’re so invested in old beliefs and how to shift them to a much more empowered belief system instead. Because when you have empowered beliefs, you will create an empowered life doing what you love.


When people start looking at what they believe and why they believe it, it can be scary to say the least. This is because it doesn’t mean that you will just change one belief and be on your merry way. If it did, it would be easy, and wayyy more people would be open to this level of personal development. The reality is that it encompasses so much more then just that. You have built an entire a life around these beliefs. What you wear, how you feel, who you marry, where you live, who you hang out with, where you work, etc. It’s deeply intertwined.


So…what does it mean to let go of the beliefs no longer serving you and how do you know they’re no longer serving you to begin with?


Well, here’s a way to tell. You say you want something, but you what you believe contradicts it. An example is: I want to work less and have a more full life, but I believe I have to work hard to achieve success.


How do you know you’re in turn having a hard time letting go of the old belief?


You want to hold on to that old belief like never before and you resist changing it like no other. So if someone suggests another way of looking at it, you react. You get triggered. Something deep inside of you comes up. Whenever this happens to me, I try to take a step back and ask why I’m getting so crazy about this and why am I holding on to this so tightly? A good journal sesh usually helps shed some light.


So why does it feel so scary to change?


It feels uncertain and out of your control to change it.


You believed it for so long and created a whole life around it. You’ve given it life – you’ve set-up systems and even relationships around it. It will change everything and change is scary.


But it’s scary to stay in the same place too right?! That equals zero growth and therefore will not help you reach your highest and best self, nor living the life you really want.


Deep breathes…it’s okay. And I really don’t mean it lightly. It really is going to be okay. Having the life you want has to outweigh staying the same. Think about how great you are going to feel when you have created such inner happiness and peace, that it is reflected in everything you do. Business, relationships, and health and wealth.


So…how can you let this stuff go???!!!


The first step is to understand the origin of beliefs to begin with.


We then want to identify what we want to believe instead. You most empowered way of looking at this belief would be __________ instead.


Next, we want to see if there is a time when this has already been true. Dig deep and I bet you find an example I your life and if not then in someone else’s life.


Then say the new belief over and over every day, and cerate a mantra and visual to remind you of it. Use the example you thought of above to remind yourself that it is in fact possible.


Next, and this is the biggie, look at what needs to change in your life – environment, relationships, health, finances, etc. – in order to support this new belief. What needs to change, shift or be let go of or added in? This will help you also shift everything around you at the same time. The part I said earlier that makes shifting beliefs tough. Do some journaling on this one and see what you come up with.


Last, create a plan to implement the changes. As you strengthen your new belief, you will start to create experiences in your life that go with it, thus reinforcing the belief. So if your new belief is that your success flows easily, you will start to see opportunities in your business to do just that.


Now you also need to be able to receive said opportunities…let’s chat more about that next week…


I would love to hear how you do with this!