I hope you had a great week! This week was filled with private clients, as well starting a sales challenge for a new private group in Canada. I am honoured to be working with my folks from my home and native land in this capacity! How awesome is it to be able to use technology in a way where you can connect with many different people around the globe all at once AND see them too! There is nothing like it 🙂

What’s interesting though is there were quite a few hiccups to get this program off the ground. We literally put it together the day before I left for vacation and started it the week I got back. It was fast and that’s really how I like to roll if I’m being honest! There’s no reason to delay when something feels right. Sorry to my team reading this – as they my not always agree with my quick antics!!


When mistakes happen though, we have two choices. Read today’s article below where I discuss this in more detail and how you too can choose the more empowered choice.

So we had a few hiccups with putting together a new group program, relatively small considering. However, it really did provide a great lesson in letting go and teaching here. Of course no one ever likes to make mistakes and wants to be professional, but sometimes things do happen.


As a business owner when a mistake occurs, we can either:


A) Realize things are going to happen and decide to let it go. Do what we can to make things right and learn for next time.


B) Take it personally. Let perfectionism and feelings of failure take over, which in-turn spirals down into feeling like a bad person.


I chose A, but I wouldn’t have always. My old pattern is B. Perfectionism when understood correctly, is really about trying to get love and approval from someone else outside of us. Chances are we will never get that love and approval at least in the way we’re looking for it. That’s because we need to look within for that self-love instead. It’s an inside job.


Perfectionism shows-up in needing to make everything “perfect” so that we don’t fail and make a mistake, and then not get that love and approval we’re so desperate for. It’s foreign unconscious, and then shows-up everywhere. In business, relationships, friendships and even health!


Well, what happens if we allow ourselves to make a mistake?


Here is a list of the goodness I have realized:


1. You grow faster. The more you allow yourself to fall the faster you learn.


2. You learn from your mistakes. A great mentor of mine once said, there is no such thing as failure only feedback. These opportunities are filled with feedback; i.e. what do you need to tweak, add in, change, let go of, etc. in order to have a better business? I now know NOT to offer pricing in a different currency! Currency is a moving target and you can never guarantee that exact amount. You don’t need to make that mistake directly – learn from mine 😉


3.You show you’re human. Who wants to be around someone who never makes mistakes? This shows you are human and allows them to be the same.


4. It’s all about how you deal with the mistake that matters. This is a great opportunity to show your true character, which is hopefully being of utmost service for your clients. How can you make the situation right? How can you go above and beyond? How can you show your clients they are important to you? What an amazing experience to show you care and build connection!


Last but not least, how can you strengthen your relationship with yourself? Where you feel worthy and loveable deep down, where you give yourself the love, compassion and space to make mistakes?

Practice this daily.