I was reminded of something important last weekend.

We were at my daughter’s gymnastics meet. Ella is 13, and after a long while of injuries she’s been easing back into gymnastics.

She was only supposed to compete in two events that day, but her coach “made” her do floor (and the 4th event later too), and it ended up being the most amazing thing ever!

She was so nervous because she had not practiced her routine in months and was afraid she would get out there and not know what she was doing…

She had to watch one of my old videos of herself competing to re-learn the routine…and was literally practicing it on the side while the other girls took their turns.

She persevered, and not only did she have the courage to get out there, she freaking nailed it with a 9.05!

This was the BIGGEST lesson for her in courage & perseverance!!

AND that she is far more capable than she was giving herself credit for!

May we all realize this about ourselves too as we navigate business & life.

You are capable. You are resourceful. And you are good enough exactly as you are RIGHT NOW to help other people!

Boom 👊

Go on and get out there and trust you have what you need! You will be amazed at how the universe rewards you 💫

And psst after all that she ended up coming in 5th overall with competing against girls from all over the US and Canada! Not too shabby! You might just surprise yourself too!