The reactions to the recent tragedy in Connecticut have been interesting to say the least. Some people responded with healing and prayer, others with hatred and anger. The former – those who responded with love – sent love and prayers to all of those involved. The latter – reacted with such hatred and animosity – they even started attacking each other due to differences of opinion. Some even went as far to demean the whole country. This is sad. It’s my feeling that anger and fear are part of the bigger problem. Why not fill our hearts with love instead? Love for each other, love for the people who left us too soon, and love for the people who made mistakes.

It’s so easy to judge and get caught-up in the drama of situations and circumstances. If we can take a step back and see things for what they really are, people acting out of fear and not love, we can gain some perspective and prevent ourselves from going down the same downward spiral. The more love we’re filled with the better this world will be.

In Marianne Williamson’s new book, The Divine Love of Compensation, she says; “Through the authority of loving thought, we are given the power to turn any situation that is not love back into love, starting with thinking about it differently. We do this by identifying our own lovelessness and being willing to let it go. Thinking this way – which is sometimes easy, sometimes not – is the mental habit of the miracle-minded.”

I’ve made the commitment – not merely “trying” – but have actually made the commitment to now live life the way Williamson outlines in her book. To be filled with love and have loving thoughts in everything that I do. I realized a little while ago that something was missing. I believed in abundance and that we all deserve it, but something was still off. After further examination, I realized there was still a part of me that believed in “lack” thinking. I was worrying a lot. This was causing stress at home and more to worry about quite frankly.

It’s a work in progress, but I can tell you things have shifted dramatically since I’ve been consciously making an effort to think and behave this way. When doubt or fear starts to creep in, I identify it right away and tell myself the opposite – that I’m filled with abundance and love. This way of thinking has had a dramatic effect on my relationships and business. When you come from love you genuinely think about how you can help others and you see the good in everything in your life. This of course is going to change everything. How you do business, how you show-up in the world, how you think about yourself and how you interact with others.

The key is to believe. You must believe that you have the unlimited potential that comes with love and the ability to create. You must truly believe that anything is possible. This is why affirmations work so well. The more you tell yourself something the more you start to believe it. When you believe in something bigger then yourself, everything in your life will start to shift. The possibilities are endless and fear based thinking will disappear. I started believing my success was certain and adopting this belief has changed everything. You just don’t worry when you think this way, and when I started to think like this it opened me up to new ways of thinking! New possibilities and opportunities started flowing and continue to do so! It’s amazing what can happen when you shift your thoughts – your experiences change too.

You are meant to live a wonderful life filled with love, happiness and peace. Let’s make 2013 a beautiful year together 🙂