So how did we almost miss our flight to Canada?

Well I thought I set my alarm for 4:45 AM and my husband even checked in with me when he came to bed that night. I said “don’t worry about it, the alarm is set”. I then proceeded to toss and turn all night long thinking, “you need to check your alarm, the alarm is wrong”. I did however talk myself out of checking and wanted to just keep sleeping. I must have woken up at least 4 times thinking about it.

Well I finally fell back asleep and when I woke up it was starting to get light out. Oh no, we should have been up before that 🙁 So I checked the time and sure enough it was 5:20 AM! So I rushed and got everybody out of bed and man did we move fast!!! We thought we would try to make it anyway, and had an amazing Uber driver who got us to the airport for 6:05 AM for our 6:40 AM flight!

When we checked in we were told we our luggage would not make it onto the flight. Usually we just travel with carry-on only but because we were also going for a baseball tournament we had to check bags this time. So the lady said to us that she could put us on a later flight to make sure the bags would be on time. There was a 6:50 AM flight but our bags probably wouldn’t get on, but there was a 10:30 AM flight where they would for sure. I asked her if there was a chance the bags would get onto the 6:50 AM flight and she said there was.

We decided to take our chances and go for the 6:50 AM flight. Our reasoning being we were either going to sit in the airport waiting for a flight later that morning or sit in the airport on the tail end once arriving if our bags didn’t get on the earlier flight. Since there was a chance of them making it, we took the chance and hopped on the 6:50 flight. We got on the plane and sure enough we saw our bags being loaded so we knew we were fine. Phew.

So I used my intuition the second time and got us on the earlier flight thankfully, however I didn’t use it during the night when I kept waking up over and over knowing deep down I needed to check the alarm.

Our intuition is a funny thing – it’s not a loud and boisterous voice but rather the complete opposite. It’s a quiet and recurring presence. It’s a thought that we keep coming back to over and over. Some people have a feeling that goes along with it where they just know deep down it’s the right course of action. Whether or not we decide to listen to it is entirely up to us.

This shows up in business a lot when we’re deciding whether or not to work with new clients or new projects. We often will have what I like to call “red flags” about people or situations where we know deep down we probably shouldn’t take on that person or project, or engage in those business relationships. Something “feels” off even though on paper it all looks good. And what do we do? We talk ourselves into it anyway. Low and behold those bad decisions always, always come back to bite us in the butt.

So why don’t we listen to our intuition to begin with? Well we all have an ego. An ego that likes to make things hard for us – that likes to second-guess, that likes to compare ourselves to others, that essentially likes to keep us in a place if drama. Anything but peace and flow. So it’s about being able to decipher between the two. The ego voice always being boisterous and sneaky. The true self being quiet, consistent and calm. When we allow ourselves to be led from this place we can never be led astray. We will always make empowered decisions in line with our highest good. Always.