Hi, What a week! I loved meeting with amazing heart-centered clients and giving a talk for a group of business owners on how to make a quantum leap this year in their business! It was awesome!! I also had the most inspiring time at the Youth Success Week event in Oceanside, California! It’s an event designed to empower youth to follow their dreams and not settle for less. It was extremely impactful and lit a fire under me regarding my bigger vision to educate youth with the principals I teach. I also had the privilege of spending some time with Stedman Graham (yes as in Oprah’s man! He is one of the kindest and inspiring people I’ve met! It was an honour.

So what do you, me and Stedman have in common?

Stedman’s mission and vision to help our youth was really impactful and inspiring. I loved his core message around leadership – be a leader not a follower basically. Our world has a ton of followers. We don’t need anymore. Don’t let society put you in a box and define who you are. Get clear on who you really are deep down – on the inside – this isn’t about external accomplishments – and get clear on what is important to you. From there, take a STAND for who you are and what’s important to you. We all have 24 hours in a day and can decide what we do with them. Don’t be mediocre if you want to be fabulous. Do what you love and what is important to you. Don’t settle for less.


We’re all doing this right, ? Or at least working towards it. You as a business owner have or are working toward creating this in your life. I am as well, and I’m also teaching it. We are ALL doing the work. It’s this internal shift that will create the external world we’re wanting. It’s up to us. Let’s stand united and continue to do this together. How powerful that our youth are learning this now, and can unlearn all of the limiting beliefs and limitations our society has passed down. They can do it NOW. How exciting!! Let’s follow their lead and continue this work, our dreams and our happiness depend on it.


I love this Chinese proverb that Stedman shared during his talk. This sums up what I believe and am working on creating myself through my own development, a non-profit and programs. I so love it.

Namaste Friend,

Chris xo