If you are in-charge of setting your own rates as a business owner, you know how hard it can be to put a price tag on your services.

When we’re just starting out we just want to get GOING in this new direction and are willing to take just about anything or even trade for free…

We stair-step our rates from there.

We just don’t have the confidence to charge more EVEN when we have a whole wealth of knowledge and experience under our belts from a different career or industry.

But I learned a different way to make decisions around fees.

It’s based on the VALUE you bring, not what your TIME is worth.

It is about your client, not about you. 🙌

So how do you even begin to assign a value, because if we’re being honest especially as coaches, the value someone gets from making massive changes in their lives is truly priceless.

So I’ve created a template to help. Where we look at your goals and dreams, what that lifestyle and existence costs, so that you can price your offerings accordingly.

Because in an industry where the cost can range anywhere from $0 to $1 million +, truly anything goes with it not being regulated.

And the only difference between you right now, and a coach charging on the higher end, is this:


That’s honestly the only difference.

My coaching depth has evolved over the years, but my process has remained the same.

So when I share my rate with a potential client with confidence and being unattached, I know I’ve stepped into a place of truly honouring and seeing my value.

AND the biggest indicator?

Being prepared to walk away…

To own your worth and value is a powerful thing, in a land of energy. Where what we put out comes back 💫

So please, do this ideal lifestyle exercise so that you too can get clear on your pricing and truly step into owning your worth and your value 💛

Much Love & Happy Weekend!

~ Chris xox

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