This one hits home for me.

I spent years searching for the answers outside of myself and looking for reassurance from others.

Co-dependency at it’s finest.

But what I learned from all of this seeking is that we already HAVE the answers inside of ourselves.

We have this thing called an inner guidance system.

Which is really our INTUITION.

This IS the connection to the universe, to the divine. An all knowing guidance system there to show us the soul-utions to creating our biggest dreams.

To creating and manifesting peace, love and joy at the highest level.

We just forget (or don’t realize) we have access to it.

And it’s not that courses, or books, or trainings, or mentors aren’t helpful or needed, it’s that your inner guidance system will direct you to what will help you grow, evolve and heal the most. It’s empowered decision making.

As opposed to coming from a place of lack and not good enough, and “needing” it to fix you. This is disempowered decision making.

In our podcast this week – which is about all things A Course in Miracles – I share what my divine guidance showed me, in relation to helping me navigate a difficult situation.

“Reverse & Ready” (any former lifeguards here?) was the guidance when I thought it would be “Love & Light.”

We think we know all of the answers but we don’t.

And why not tune into something all-knowing and all-loving, that always has our best interests at heart, and those of others.

THIS is where it’s at.

Play our latest episode while you’re out for a walk this weekend or doing things around the house.

We promise to make it worth your while ❤️

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~ Your Guide, Chris xox