It’s not uncommon as we wind down the year for all sorts of feelings around “not enough” to pop-up.

I’m not going to the gym enough.

I didn’t earn enough.

I’m not manifesting enough.

I’m not doing enough.

I’m not a good enough Mom.


ALL the ego, trying to get you to take the bait and feel like not a good enough person.

I want to remind you that you ARE enough. Just as you are.

Have a grace and compassion for yourself RIGHT NOW.

There is lots of extra’s going on this time of year, and you are enough and are doing enough ❤️

Cut yourself a break and remember your light is always enough, whatever you do or don’t do 💫

Take that ego!

And for those celebrating Christmas, wishing you a Merry Christmas tomorrow ❤️ And if you are not, wishing you lots of love and peace this time of year 🕊

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. We’re on a break from the pod until the new year, and will be back with a bang with a special guest! It’s a great time to get caught-up in the meantime 💙