Here’s a fun video for you showing something that happened during our trip last week right on Thanksgiving Day! I learned to never leave home without an axe and a winch!!



No one wanted to turn around because they had Thanksgiving dinner to get to. After an hour of working hard to get the tree out of the way, the mountain men did it!! It was such a testament to perseverance and not giving up. Several people had turned around initially saying a tree was down and that was it. Thank goodness there were people that didn’t take “no” for an answer and persevered. I sure has heck didn’t want to turn around after waiting to do the infamous drive on the Hwy 1 for the last 7 years! This was our way through since part of the highway was closed due to the mud slides that happened last year. When we got past the tree, and over the mountain, the view was incredible!



What’s also interesting is my husband was convinced we wouldn’t make our dinner reservation after this set back in travel time. We had booked the very latest “brunch” reservation we could where we were staying in Monterey, and this was important because it was going to be our Thanksgiving dinner. Our kids love traditions and really wanted to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We were already being “disruptive” by travelling instead this year! Always great to shake it up right??!! Well, low and behold, we were an hour late, but the restaurant kept holding our spot for us! Phew. Trust and believe were the themes for the day. And my husband was right – we were late – but I believed we would have Thanksgiving and we did. The universe provided. I so love all of the miracles that ensued that day 🙂


This week I’m wondering how many miracles we miss because we’re too busy being busy. Are you a business owner that is so focused on your to do’s that you miss the opportunity right in front of you? Let’s find out. Read on in today’s’ article.


If you’re rushing around from task-to-task, situation-to-situation, you’re missing it.


You’re missing the opportunity to connect with other people and move both of your lives forward. You’re missing the miracles right there for you.


It’s going to present itself in a way to connect and expand positive, loving energy, which just doesn’t come with rushing around and being in a stressed out overwhelmed energy.


When we stop to be present for other people, we are saying you are important. This conversation is important. I am important.


It could be something as simple as picking your child up from a friend’s house or school, and waiting in the car instead of going in and chatting with the other parents. This could be a lost opportunity. The other parents may hold the key to the next step you’ve been waiting for in moving your business forward. Maybe it’s a connection or an opportunity they know of. Who knows. But I do know this – opportunities flow through people. The universe flows through people. So thinking you are saving time and being efficient by waiting in the car and returning emails, could be a huge disservice to yourself and your clients.


Be mindful that this isn’t about seeking out opportunities for the sake of yourself though. It’s about being open, loving and willing to connect with others. Notice how you feel when you are on the receiving end of someone being busy. They are only half listening, if that, and this doesn’t feel good. It creates a huge disconnect. It does not invoke any sort of collaboration and willingness to give, and instead creates a sense of feeling undervalued and not good enough. There’s that core wound again.


None of us want to be alone and connection fills up our cups like no other. It’s just great way to feel valued and loved. It also leads to much more to feel good about and that’s the difference in terms of co-creating with others. Were there to uplift and support one another in whatever way that looks. We want to help others move forward, even if it doesn’t seem to be business related on the surface. It’s all related though, because energy is energy.


This is all really about slowing down to be present, so that we can see each and every person, and see each and every miracle accordingly. Start to notice where you can shift tings in your own life this week.

Namaste xo