Getting focused (and staying focused) is hands down the biggest problem entrepreneurs face. Most entrepreneurs get caught up in bright-shiny-red-object syndrome, meaning they have so many great ideas, but lack the focus to actually implement them and get their desired results.

My take on this is, once we are clear on the inside we can get mapped out on the outside. Meaning once we address what is draining our energy we can literally free up time & energy to put towards what we actually want to be doing instead. These so called “road blocks”, that are preventing you from moving forward, can be anything from relationships (i.e. spouse, children, colleagues), to a cluttered office to poor time management. These issues can lead to stress, overwhelment & anxiety. Now picture trying to run a successful business filled with joy when you have so much playing on your mind. You need to get clear so that you can move forward with your business.

From there you can map out your business, meaning creating strategies to make the leap from where you currently are to where you want to be. Setting manageable goals and being held accountable is the key to moving forward quickly & efficiently. Breaking down each project into manageable steps and seeing it through until it’s entirety is the secret to seeing results.

The system I have created is all about the “inner” & “outer” work. You can have all of the business tools in the world, but they will not guarantee your success unless you get clear on the inside and create a strong foundation to support the growth of your business.