Digging out the mental cobwebs can be tough work right? It forces us to look at some uncomfortable things…why we do what we do…why we believe what we believe…

It literally disrupts our paradigm…

I remember when I first started studying how our thoughts create our reality…

I had just lost my Dad unexpectedly, was asking the meaning of life AND then started learning about angels and mediums 😳

Talk about a disruption in beliefs.

We were in the Azores on a vacation and the thought of us living on beyond this physical world, was freeing but terrifying at the same time.

And that’s what happens, when the belief systems we’ve clung to our whole lives are disrupted…

It’s scary to change and let go. Our whole lives are built on these beliefs.

EVEN if our freedom lies on the other side.

And that’s just it.

That’s why it’s worth it.

Because we can be free from the limits holding us back.

If we can learn those limits…

…we can UNLEARN them too.

Can I get a “heck yes “??!! 🙌

In our latest podcast episode we discuss how we came to study A Course in Miracles, what makes it so powerful for ALL of us (it’s non-denominational), and WHY we say read it even though it’s super wordy and daunting!

I hope it brings you the peace it brings us 💛

Because when we fill up with joy and peace, it’s reflected in our external world in the most amazing ways!

Have a great weekend!

Chris, xo