Tune in for a moment and ask yourself where are you shrinking right now?

Someone asked me this once and after the initial desire to react by getting defensive, I realized he was right. I was shrinking. I was letting my Ego take over and tell me I wasn’t good enough or smart enough, or the BEST one – my results weren’t enough therefore making me a shitty person and human being (sorry for the candidness, but let’s keep it real). I was letting this consume me and take over. I couldn’t see the way out. BUT this one question – woke me up instantly! Like truth bomb went off inside me. It snapped me back to the truth like a slingshot. I was playing small. I had lost my vision. I was caught-up in trying so hard to figure out what was wrong with me that I had lost all sight of what was true. While I know it’s important to dig out where our limitations come from by way of our belief systems – I do this for others for goodness sake – it’s also debilitating to stay in the why.

The Ego loves to create drama and problems. Going down the “why” path will keep you stuck. It’s never. ending. Believe me. The Ego has you believing you are never good enough, and this is why it will always be able to show you more reasons to support it. Thus keeping you stuck and always finding more to “dig” out.

Gain enough awareness to know why you’re doing what you’re doing by going right to the core belief, and then move on. Catch it when it pops up and have the tools to shift the negative thinking that usually accompanies it. That is how you will reprogram your subconscious mind. By having the awareness of the belief that’s in there to begin with, dictating all of your decisions, and then by creating new experiences (different results) instead. This in turn cements in the new and empowered belief. Tricky business I know.

The truth is though, is that it’s not that tricky. The Ego has us believe it is. All we need to do in any given second is choose to listen to our higher selves and not the Ego. Love versus lack.

Spend some time connecting with your bigger dreams and vision. Connect with your heart and know without a doubt it’s possible for you, because it is.

Follow your hearts desires, and have trust in the divine guidance available to you, because it’s there. Persevere and do not pay attention to any external circumstances showing you why you can’t, because you can. You have the power inside of you to create any and everything you desire.

Because you’re You.