1) How does mentoring help us in business?

Well, for starters we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can learn the ins and outs in our field from someone who had been there, done that. Why struggle trying to figure things out when we don’t need to?

2) Someone believes in you even when you don’t.

How often do we doubt ourselves and contemplate throwing in the towel? Being in business for ourselves can be tough and isolating to say the least. Having someone cheering us on when we can’t see the light through the fog is everything. I remember a mentor saying to me once, if you can’t believe in yourself right now, believe in my belief in you. Bingo. That was all I needed to hear.

3) Perspective.

A mentor is a mentor for a reason. They’ve been through the end and flows. They’ve seen what you haven’t. Last year Jude’s current baseball team – ranked one of the highest in California – started to feel like a job. He wanted to go back to his old team that was more fun. We supported him either way, but then my husband had the brainstorm to book a lesson with his mentor, Austin. So we did. Austin played for the same travel team growing-up, and quickly assured Jude it should not feel like a job at 12 years old. This (to our surprise), immediately gave Jude the permission to not take it so seriously and have fun. He stuck with the team and has developed an even deeper love for the game 🙂 And holy crap did he do awesome at the tournament this past week, showing himself that all of the practice he’s done was worth it.

Mentors rock.

Grab one you resonate with and are inspired by a-sap. You and your dreams are worth it 🙂