So when I heard about this series, I dove right in and loved it so much!

I became obsessed with this topic after losing my Dad suddenly a couple months after our first child was born. I was searching to find out what this life was really about, and I always say it wasn’t in a cozy find-your-purpose-or-passion type of way, it was coming from a place of anger, frustration, grief and devastating loss.

Apparently I wasn’t alone, and people have been asking about this since the beginning of time 🤣

I hired a medium soon after his death, and the things she knew about my Dad she couldn’t possibly have known.

So I have believed in this for a very long time and it’s led me to studying things like the law of attraction and the universal laws, and how we really might live on beyond our bodies!

It’s what ultimately led me to A Course in Miracles.

The book (study guide) helps us discover who we really are and that this world we see is really just a projection of our thoughts.


I know it kind of sounds crazy if this is your first introduction to it, and I don’t take that lightly.

I remember when I was first learning about all of this, and I was led to one of Doreen Virtue’s books and had to stop reading it halfway through! It completely freaked me out and disrupted my belief system to the CORE!!!!

We were on a trip in the Azores with family at the time and I couldn’t stop thinking or talking about this! I was completely distraught.

Fast forward 14 years later, and now I have pretty much just accepted this to be true. This has come after studying many more books, pulling many angel cards, multiple sessions with various mediums, and LOTS of amazing miracles happening along the way! With each helping me have a shift and opening up more and more to the idea that we might just be eternal.

It truly is a magical way of being when we can tap into this universal energy there for all of us.

And… I’m convinced that all fears, worries, and anxiety ultimately lead back to being afraid of dying. And I know this sounds morbid but think about something you’re worrying about right now really trace it back – from business worries, to the pandemic ,to your kids not doing well in school…

Now imagine if you didn’t actually die and if your true soul and essence lived on, how freeing that would be!! How would you live your life? How would you show up every day? Imagine letting go of so much heaviness…ahh… How amazing would that feel? Notice how this would lead to completely operating from an empowered and freedom-based place that would then in-turn result in creating your biggest dreams!

Pretty rad right?

Tune into the series on Netflix and we also dive deep into this great topic in our latest podcast 💛

Have an amazing week!

Chris, xo