I am living proof that YOU can achieve your biggest dreams! Ever since I watched the movie “the Secret” in March of 2007, I knew I wanted to live in California. When they said “follow your bliss”, I knew that was it. When I look back throughout my life though, I can see I have always had a pull there. When I was as young as 8 yrs old, I had a dream of living in Malibu and “owning” the Humane Society. My goal was to have a huge enough backyard, ocean front of course, to house all of the dogs in the world so that people would have to go through me to buy their pet in order to be screened properly! After that, every time I went to visit California, I just absolutely loved it there. I “almost” applied to go to university and didn’t, and then my best friend and I “almost” moved there, but didn’t. That friend incidentally is the one I am now visiting in San Diego. I guess we were on to something all those years ago!

I guess it took watching a movie like “the Secret” to fully believe it was possible to follow my dreams. Now you’re probably wondering, why did it take so long for the opportunity to present itself? Well, there are a couple of reasons, and they basically all come back to me getting out of my own way! There were a lot of things (resistances) I had to come to terms with before I could go. I also had to strengthen my belief that it would actually happen. I can’t tell YOU how much I have learned in the last couple of years about creating the life you desire. I have learned to “trust” & have “faith”, which means eliminating all doubt, that it’s our birth right to follow our dreams, and that when we are truly living & creating a life we love our happiness will create a ripple effect to all of the people we are closest too. BUT above all else, my biggest lesson has been…when there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY!

Over the last 2 years, so many job opportunities have come up and then passed. Even for me when I was still working in the insurance industry! It even went as far as Jay being offered a job last March and us thinking we were moving then. At the last minute, the Visa fell through. That to me meant we weren’t quite ready to go for some reason or the timing wasn’t right.

The point is, I could have given up many times, BUT I didn’t. I knew we were meant to be out there. Jay was on board with moving to a warmer climate, and it warmed my heart every time I thought about it. If you ask the question, “What Makes Your Heart Sing?”, for me this is it!

There’s a lot of info. out there about the law of attraction. One of the most important things to remember is, it is SO not up to YOU to figure out the “how” or the “timing” of when it will happen. If it doesn’t happen right away, there’s a reason. You either still have something to learn before it can fully show up, or the timing just isn’t right yet, for whatever reason. Last week I mentioned the universe or God (whatever your belief is), can see the bigger picture over our limiting perspective and will therefore show you the very best way at the very best time. I can already see how the way that is working out for us now is better then everything else that has “almost” happened in the past. Of course at the time, I could not see why, and doubt set in big time (one of those resistance thingys I was talking about earlier).

If I can give you one tip, it’s this. If something feels right (even though a little scary), but deep down is something you are excited about, then you are on the right path! Don’t give up! Make the decision that it’s going to happen, and do all that you can to “believe” & have “faith” that it will show up the right way and at the right time!

I ask you this, what is your biggest dream?

“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t.
It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.”
– James Gordon