My son had a baseball tournament in LA last weekend – right next to where we used to live.

Claremont is a little town nestled in the mountains in the outskirts of LA, and is where we first moved to from Canada.

It will always hold a special place in my heart, with signifying such a big dream coming true.

It’s also where our kids spent a good chunk of their childhood.

We got lunch over at my favourite little coffee shop, where my kids used to climb a huge tree out front and where I really began building my business in the US.

I started it in Canada and was able to move it internationally thankfully, but due to the nature of getting our family settled I only kept a couple of private clients.

And so it was at this diner, that I started a meet-up for entrepreneurial women, and ended up meeting some of my very best clients who I still work with until this day!

And… it was this diner that I kept visualizing when I was dreaming about out move 💫

I kept thinking that I wanted us to be in a small town where everybody knows your name (insert Cheers music 🎵)… but really… I wanted that small town feel where I knew the baker… and this spot had my baker…

I met the nicest person, who after getting to know me, allowed me to host my meetings there and even close the shop while we were using it!

What is something stirring inside if your heart that you are just busting at the seems wanting to create?

Make the decision to go for it, and allow the way to show-up. It always shows up by way of an idea or opportunity.

Keep saying yes until you find your baker and be willing to do whatever it takes – like getting uncomfortable 💛

Much Love and Happy 4th of July to those celebrating 🎇

~ Chris xox