What I’ve realized is the slower we go the more relaxed we are. What we’ve essentially done is let go of the fear. The fear that keeps us in busy, overload, never-enough-time mode. When we relax and move slower, we’re essentially saying it’s all good. Everything will get done when it needs to. We’re in essence rising to a more powerful frequency; we’ve risen to trust, faith, calm and a relaxed energy. When we’re in this vibe, we attract and see more of just that. Our perspective and thus our external word matches this frequency. How refreshing.


This week I want you to look at where you’re letting yourself off the hook. Because we all do it right? We give in and listen to the ego on why we can’t do something or why we shouldn’t, or why it’s okay not to.


Things like not picking-up the phone to reach out to someone we can help. Things like not stopping to say hello to someone on the street when we have a deep feeling that we need to – and don’t because we’re “too” busy being in our own worlds. Things like disappointing our kids after promising them we’ll do something and then cancelling. Those kind of things.


And we always have a great reason too right?


Let’s look at your top values. What really matters to you?


Then I want you to look at where you’re letting yourself off the hook in terms of honouring those values. Where are you talking yourself out of having fun if it’s one of your values, or spending time with your family if that’s one, or self-care or building a great business that you love?


Where is it?


Because if you don’t get a handle on this, you will not live the life you’re wanting. You’re in-charge of designing a life you love – it’s your decision and you hold the paint brush for the canvas. You get to design a life around doing what is important and meaningful for you – around living your values. This is how you will create that ideal lifestyle and business, by staying true to your values and not letting yourself off the hook.


Hold yourself accountable. And for goodness sake reach out if you need help. You don’t have to do it alone.


Namaste (meaning the soul in me greets the soul in you) Friends 🙂