Others will too ❤️

It’s always amazing to me what happens when we value ourselves in business.

This looks like:

  • creating an empowered schedule based on your values, and therefore setting office hours & boundaries around it.
  • saying yes to new opportunities even though they are scary AF.
  • increasing your rates when you know it’s time – others around you are charging more with less experience, and not just experience in your field, in ALL the fields you’ve worked, because ALL of those tools COUNT!!!

And when you do, the universe supports!!! It always does.

This week a client said a BIG yes to something scary that she wanted to do, and more revenue came in and a speaking opportunity immediately, like the same night and next morning 😳

This is the way it works.

What we put out comes back.

When we say yes to ourselves, we’re putting out a frequency of worthiness and self-love.

The universe projects that back to us, in the form of more love and support.

Where do you need to take a stand in your business and life?

What does it look like?

What can you say yes to right now?

Make a plan and see it through, the universe is waiting for you 🙂

Have a great weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. 99 Red Balloons or The Great One?! Either way we’re excited for our 99th podcast episode!! This week we touch on some scientific concepts that help shine a light on the difference between thinking and receiving. And receiving always seems to show-up with the tingles? Or is that just me?!

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