What a week! We are in full “senior” swing over here! Jude’s high school wraps up at the end of this month along with baseball 🥲 (insert happy tear emoji because I have mixed emotions with being sad something is ending & excited something else is beginning!).

We had senior day this week during their last official home game before playoffs and it was the sweetest 💕

Each family, including grandparents and siblings, walked across home field with their player while the announcer read what they had prepared regarding their favourite memory and what they are grateful for. It was so special that my parents were in town for this and got to be a part of it too ❤️

Throw in a quick fast, a great workout with a friend, and recording our podcast, and I am feeling filled up with a little self-care / self-love too 💛

And I was reminded of something when we recorded our podcast that has helped me immensely over the years.

When you get nervous, think of service ❤️

A phrase a special mentor shared with me awhile ago. You will here in our podcast episode next week more about Amy’s journey, but she’s starting a new role and was feeling anxious about it. We get more into how things are divinely orchestrated in the podcast, and how they are happening for us and therefore we have that divine support to see them through, but I wanted to share more on this topic here too 🙂

The ego is always waiting, ready to pounce with thoughts like “what if I don’t do a good enough job”, “what if II make a mistake”, and then leading to the real doubt with “how am I going to do this and what was I thinking!”.

These thoughts are normal and the more we can see them for what they are the faster we can shift them.

Even with a divinely inspired idea, the ego wants to throw us off. To get us to stop, to get us to stay where we think we’re safe. Not putting ourselves out there and trying new things. But the new things are where the co-creations lie. Where we fulfill our soul’s longing to create, to do what brings us joy. And if we don’t move through the discomfort we won’t be able to fulfill these creative expressions.

So if we can realize it’s the ego, and then remind ourselves we are good enough now, and that this new opportunity is happening for a reason. It’s happening for us 🩵

AND that we don’t have to have it all figured out upfront. That is us trying to manage the discomfort of uncertainty. Do what you can in advance to feel more prepared, but also remind yourself you are resourceful! This is a far more powerful tool then having it all perfect upfront. Knowing if something happens, if you stay curious, “how can I figure this out?” and then you will. Because you have a whole universe helping you as you go, the support doesn’t stop. It’s about continuing to trust.

And it’s also important to find the positive intention behind the nervousness. You want to be successful. You want to do a good job.

And this is where flipping it to being of service is so helpful.

There is no one better than you. For this opportunity. Right here, right now. You are the one meant to help people in the way that’s being presented to you. You opening your heart and creating the space for someone else. You connecting with those you’re meant to serve.

And it’s a good thing we want to do a good job!

Every time before I speak I get nervous, and remind myself of this mantra. If I can connect and help with even just one person in the audience it will have been worth it.

And I even throw in getting a little feedback too…”please show me that it has been helpful for at least one person” I asked every time before I go on stage…and low and behold people come up to me after the talk to share and it truly reminds me of why I am doing it 💕

Do a quick tune in…what opportunity has presented itself for you that you’re feeling nervous about right now and maybe even putting off? But deep down you’re excited, it’s what you’ve asked for? How can you apply this mantra for your own self so that you can go on and bring it to fruition? Because there is no one better than you. For this opportunity. Right here, right now. You’ve got this. 💫