I walked by this yesterday and it made me remember something…

Did you ever read the Soul of Money by Lynne Twist?

She talks about how her and her husband got completely carried away as they earned more and more money…

With a “keeping up with the Jones” mentality and always wanting more and it never being enough.

They got the cars, the house, and it still wasn’t enough…

As they climbed social ladders next was the second home in the Hamptons…

And it went on an on until she was forced to take a pause and analyze what was happening.

I really don’t believe wanting these things is bad.

But I do believe it’s all about our intention

Why do we want something? Do we want to redo our new kitchen because we want to create a loving space to hang out with our families or maybe we love to spread joy through entertaining?


Is it driven from not enough and never good enough…

Two entirely different mindsets.

One from love and one from lack.

So before we get caught-up with the beautiful new house that now needs gutter and siding cleaning…let’s tune in…why do we want what we want?

And no offense to Clearly Amazing! I’m sure they are amazing! It’s just a reminder that we can get carried away quickly with “shoulds” and “have to’s” and forget to tune into what we really want to create 💫

Speaking of creating…my husband’s “Dad” band was accepted into the Battle of the Bands at a well known venue here in town – think where such bands as the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga and for my Canadian friends, The Tragically Hip, have all played! And so this is super exciting for them and I’m looking forward to cheering them on!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Our podcast is back baby! Our first episode will drop late Wednesday and I’ll send you a note here Thursday when we’re live! We kick off with a very special guest and the OG of A Course in Miracles 💙

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