I believe it was Tony Robbins who started talking about 6 of these issues initially, and by the time it made it’s way to me it had been reduced to these three.

Love. Security. Self-esteem.

Let’s break down each one.


We all want to have more love in our lives, and it might sound cliché, but it really does start with self-love. When we love ourselves (on the inside), we attract more love in our lives (on the outside). If we look to others to try to fill ourselves up first, it backfires. We never quite get it the way we want it. This gets tricky when we’re looking at our clients to feel this void. If we’re operating from this need, we hold back in being who we need to be in order to best serve them. If I’m coming from this place as a coach, I won’t ask the tough questions need to be asked in order to help my clients see their blind spots and therefore create what they’re really wanting. I’m doing my clients a disservice.


Security to me is having faith and trust that the universe has my back (thanks Gabby Bernstein for the great title)! If I don’t believe this, and think it comes from people, I’ll show up as “salesy” and my “needy” energy will be felt. On the flipside, if I have trust that the universe will always show me who I can best serve and how to receive abundance, I can be of service fully.


If we’re looking to someone else to make ourselves feel better, it typically shows up by way of wanting to “fix” or “save” someone. We then take their results personally, get ecstatic when it goes well for them, there will always be a crash. There can’t not be. It’s because we’re taking ownership of their results. Our job in business is to offer a solution to someone’s problem. That’s it. If your product or service can do this, then offer it. It’s not our responsibility if they do or don’t fully use the product or service. They get to own their results either way. This is empowering for all parties 🙂

So check-in, where is one (or all of these showing-up in your life or business right now? What do you need to shift and strengthen within yourself? Awareness is half the battle. Once you dive deep and identify what’s going on, you can start to show up differently 🙂

Much Love,
Chris xoxo