So on the day of my Dad’s birthday, I had an amazing coaching call in the morning and then planned on doing a bunch of project work for the rest of the day. I was super pumped to finally be able to sit down and tackle this. Well the universe had other plans for me.


You see my word for 2016 is “LOVE”, and every day I ask God to show me every day how I can give and receive more love. Sometimes it’s sorting through tough lessons and emotions to get there, and sometimes it’s about being present and connecting with others. Wednesday was one of those days.


During my coaching call, my client shared with me she is doing a top 10 gratitude list every night before she goes to bed and that I was on her list. This was such an honour and brought tears to my eyes. She is such an amazing, courageous person and I am touched to be a part of her life and journey as she builds the business and life of her dreams.


After this wonderful coaching call,  a representative from a restoration company came out to inspect our ceiling. We had a small leak after the major storm we had here the other day. Well, we ended up having the most amazing conversation. He is starting his own business and we got into a deep talk about the Secret and taking responsibility for our actions. He shared some personal things about his sister and we had a truly wonderful conversation.  He didn’t charge me for the visit and I offered a him a free coaching session 🙂 We then went outside when he was leaving so he could give me his card, and we both had huge smiles on our faces as we stepped into the sunshine as we’re both from colder parts of the world originally. The local sheriff then dove by, and pulled over and commented on the smiling and happiness. We ALL  proceeded to have the best conversation with the sheriff. He is from Colorado originally, and “funny” enough my husband and I had just been contemplating going there for our kids upcoming ski week. This sealed the deal for me.


I said good-bye to them both and went inside and booked a killer deal to Colorado. Like a crazy, unheard of deal! My husband couldn’t believe it.


After this I was finally ready to get some of those projects done, when a neighbour came to the door, which rarely happens. He is an older man and he told me he just lost his wife 2 weeks before. They were married for 56 years. Devastating and heart breaking to say the least. I could have brushed him off because I was “so busy” but that is not in alignment with my word for the year right??!! So we went over to his home and he showed me the furniture he is selling. We talked, hugged and shed a couple of tears. It was one of the most heart-felt moments I’ve shared with someone else and I know it meant the world to him.


So that Wednesday, on my Dad’s birthday, I got nothing done that I planned to do, and everything that I was supposed to do.


I gave love and received it right back because giving love is an automatic receive! Being present, taking the time to talk and connect with people. To care. To see us all as equal. To get out of the ego trap of being “too busy”, which is really code for keeping us separate when we’re really all one.  This is what it’s all about.


I reconfirmed my priorities with my family and booked an amazing vacation for us. I made an impact in other people’s lives and was impacted by them. This was by far the best day I’ve had in awhile. This is what true abundance looks like. Giving and receiving love and goodness on ALL levels. This is my ultimate goal for way of being. I will continue to work on it and hope you will too xo