I felt strongly about writing about unity this week. Rising above and standing together is essential right now. If we degrade another fellow human being, we are essential lowering our own vibration. What we put out we will get back. It will without a doubt show-up in your life or business somewhere. From an energy perspective look at the energy being shared underneath your words. This is what you are giving out and therefore what you will receive back. It involves having a clear and ground perspective first, and seeing the world through that lens, instead of seeing the world first and letting it dictate how we feel. Let’s be an active participant in what we are creating.


When you start to feel yourself engaging in gossip, remember this is someone’s dad, brother, sister, mom, daughter, etc. Let’s have love and compassion for our fellow human beings and focus on the changes WE want to see instead. What would you advise your son or daughter to do if they didn’t like what someone said on the playground? Would you invite them to talk about them, yell at them, say mean things, etc. No. You would teach them to rise above, to accept them for who they are and be the person they want to be. To treat others how they want to be treated, right?


The course in miracles talks a lot about attachment. When we’re in our ego we’re coming from a place of separateness, righteousness, and the need to be right and special. We’re attached to outcomes and being in control. We all slip into this on some level. Even the most evolved and enlightened people still slip. Because we’re human and have an ego.


But let’s step into the best versions of ourselves for a second. Who are we at a core level? How do we treat others from this place and how do we like to be treated? We are all worthy of love and respect. This doesn’t mean we condone terrible acts, but we can forgive and rise above.


It’s okay to feel.


We are still having a human experience, and it’s okay to be angry when others say or do hurtful things. It’s okay to feel. It’s what you do with those feelings that matters. By just allowing yourself to feel how you do without judgement, you are really allowing and accepting yourself as you are, which in-turn creates more peaceful feelings. What is a healthy way to feel and express heavier feelings? What works for you? Journaling and body scanning are great tools that I have learned along the way, and please reach out if you would like more info. on these.


The more we can focus on what we do want the more we will create it.


What’s amazing to me is the women’s march has been created in response to some heavier events occurring. When was the last time all of these women came together to support one another? This is massive healing on so many levels and a true blessing in disguise.


Much love to you as you sort through what is heavy in your heart today, and I am wishing you peace and love always.