Unfortunately sometimes we come across a less than ideal client. Someone who might question your rates or your worth, or even someone who just doesn’t “feel” like a match. If you’re trying to “keep” these types of clients, then there is likely an issue running a lot deeper then you are aware of.

Read on to find out what is really going on and how to move past it.

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to work with everyone. Even if a person fits your ideal client profile on paper. If you get a “feeling” that this person might be an energy drain then go with that feeling and don’t take them on. If you have that “bad” feeling and decide to work with them anyway, it will likely become a nightmare. You will dread (unfortunately), working with them, and they will feel it. You will probably start to resent them and they will likely not get the results they want either. Not a good match.

The deeper issue has to do with your sense of security. When you know your security doesn’t come from other people you will be okay with letting them go. Your security comes from the bigger source at hand – the universe, creator, God, etc. Who you believe in isn’t important in this instance. More importantly, is that you do believe in a power greater than yourself. It’s this power that flows through you, and brings you people who you can serve and help.  It’s also this power that flows through you and enables you to help others. You are like a faucet for the universal power; it’s not all up to you. Takes the pressure off doesn’t it?

If you truly believe you are always taken care of then you will be. Of course you need to take action when opportunities show-up that will lead you to the people you can help. BUT it’s all about a mindset shift first. If you believe your security comes from a pay cheque, then you will be too attached to the source. Clients will feel that energy and you will start to go down a road that doesn’t end in a good place. Think going above and beyond trying to prove you are worth it, and nothing ever being right for that particular client. Not the path you want to go down.

Instead, have trust and faith in that bigger power. Know that there are tons and I mean TONS of opportunities waiting for you. You deserve to work with people with whom you enjoy. This is your business and you get to decide how to run it. When you come from that place of being “unattached”, you will actually serve your clients in a more powerful way. You will be confident and sure of yourself, and help them in the best way possible as a result. It’s a win-win for everyone 🙂