I had such a profound experience at the event I spoke at last week, that I couldn’t not chat about it on our latest podcast episode!

In keeping with creating miracles, I share the story of how I worked through my nerves – I had never emceed an event before 😳

And it really all came down to this…


Tune into our podcast this week to learn how I tuned in for guidance, what that guidance was, and how it absolutely not only helped me work through my nerves, but helped me to have the most heartfelt experience!

Our guidance never lies.

(Guidance being our intuition or gut instinct, which is our connection to something bigger than ourselves).

It was truly such a heart felt experience and made me see – it does not matter what profession we are in, or where we are at in our personal development journey….

We all have access to this.

Take us along on your walk or run this weekend, and we would also be forever grateful for your loving ratings & reviews ❤️

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox