I was a sponsor at an event the other day and the most interesting thing happened. I was talking to the crowd (about 60 people), and had them cheering about the possibility of tripling their business. What was interesting was only a handful of people came over to me afterward. I’ve noticed how this is actually a form of sabotage and keeps business owners stuck! Don’t be that business owner.


Triple Income


Keep reading below to learn how to avoid this, and start doing what you really need to be doing in order to reach the level you desire.


Article:  What it Really Takes to Triple Your Income

There could have been several reasons why not a lot of people came over. Maybe they just weren’t that into me, which is okay. Not everyone will be. They may not have believed it was possible. Which is too bad, because it is. I’ve done it and my clients have done it. They were more likely afraid – afraid of the possibility that this could be true; that they can create the income and life they want. Simultaneously thinking – who am I to do that? Who am I to be that type of business owner? Who are you not to be??!! The worst part is that this line of thinking is unconscious for many people. They aren’t aware of those thoughts and therefore can’t begin to seek a solution to resolve them.

Regardless of the reason, they made a decision. A decision to stay where they were. To not take action on a resource being presented to them that could potentially change their life. Interesting. You see, having the results you want in your business has everything to do with taking action. Action to move forward even when you’re scared and you don’t know how you’re going to do something. Action when you’re not feeling at your best. Action when you’re tired. All of those emotions you’re experiencing are designed to keep you stuck, to keep you playing small. They’re based on past experiences and the beliefs you’ve formed as result. They’re not true (mainly ego-based), and don’t come anywhere close to capturing your true essence. What you’re truly capable of. When you can get rid of the weeds covering up the beautiful flower that you are, then you can make it happen. You can step into your true brilliance and literally be limitless. Have all of the abundance, success and love you desire. It is possible. BUT you have to make the decision. The decision to do whatever it takes. To take action on ideas and opportunities that are going to bring you the solutions you are looking for. It is going to take work to get through all of the weeds standing in your way, but once you move past them and let your inner flower flourish, it will be worth it. Well worth it. What are you going to do today? Tackle one weed every day, and keep moving forward. Keep your eye on the flower.