At the beginning of every new year, I choose a word that represents what I would like to focus on for the year. One year was the year of the yes, where I said yes to every opportunity that presented itself no matter how scary! Another year was love, where I focused on giving and receiving love, and boy did some duesy’s come up that needed to be healed! Last year was commitment, where I vowed to honour the commitments I made to myself. Most happened, some didn’t. Every year and each word invites a tremendous amount of growth, lessons to be learned, and with each the intention to open my heart more fully.


inner peace

A few weeks ago one of my teachers asked me what my word was for this year, and to be honest I was having a little trouble with it. I kept thinking the word slow. To slow things down. To truly tune into what I was saying both yes and no too. It didn’t quite “feel” right though. She asked me what feeling I wanted the word slow to bring. Bingo! That was the missing link. The feeling I want with slowing down is inner peace. And thus inner peace is my word – my defiant side secretly loves that it’s actually two words because who made up the rule that it has to be one anyway??!!


So my commitment to myself is to have more inner peace in 2018. We went on to think about what thoughts, words, actions and habits do I need to have in order to create more of this feeling.


This is what I came up with, and I share this with you because I believe it will help you create yours too 🙂


I should preface that this process first involves looking at what is taking away from having more inner peace. I then created the following:


1. Only saying yes to projects and social activities (I love to have fun but it comes with a price sometimes) that are in line with my values. Knowing your top 5 values are key here AND ranking them helps too. This one is easy to check in on too each week. Being consciously aware in the moment on how you’re making decisions is the ideal goal, and looking back objectively each week in the meantime to get a gauge on how you did will help you get there.


2. Saying no to projects and activities that do not honour my soul. Similar to (1.) but it’s about saying no,. This involves continuing to work on being okay with saying no. I have been working on this one for years and it still pops up. I find the more off balance I am with self-care, the more this one presents itself as a problem.


3. Saying no to myself!!! My ego self wants me to cram up every moment of every day and it just doesn’t serve me. And not with self-care activities I might add. More about the never ending “to do” list.


4. Engaging in one extra self-care activity a day that is outside of my morning success routine and exercising. This alone has already made a world of difference.


5. Asking for more help. I have upped my support with my business team and also my home support. I now continually check in on whether or not someone else can do what I’m doing, and then delegating it if they can! This life takes a village!


6. Meditating with the kids at night. We have been doing this more diligently, and it in turn is creating a much more peaceful environment with them in the evenings.


7. Cut myself a big f*cking break and lose the judgement! Insert life long lesson here. When I listen to my ego, I tend to be very black and white, and extra hard on myself. This one is about letting go of my own rules when I feel like it, like 1. Sometimes I may veer outside of my “values” lane and that’s okay too. It’s designed for a reason, but I might want to get a little crazy now and then and go off roading 😉


8. Last but not least, and definitely the most important, is tuning into my heart daily. Really listening in every moment on what the best course of action (or non-action is) and staying true to that. Our hearts and souls are wise, and know what we need every step of the way.


Some of these are tangible and easy to check in on in terms of habits, and some more difficult. The tangible action steps help keep the intangible ones running more smoothly. Learning to “let go” in the moment and tuning into our hearts instead is super powerful and both can be measured by looking =back at the past week and / or month to see how we did and how we can improve. All with curiosity and non-judgement of course 😉


With Love,

Chris xo