The call I hosted earlier this week was a success! I feel so lucky that I get to work with and help such amazing people 🙂 I’ve noticed something though, it’s so interesting to me to see that some people will take action and do the things that will move them forward and others won’t 🙂 It’s why I’ve decided to study and get educated on this subject, so that I can really help people get out of their own way and truly do what makes them happy 🙂

In this week’s article I teach you how to identify your blocks so that you can start moving forward 🙂

Let me ask you this. Do opportunities keep coming your way that will move you to the next level of your business? Do you some how find a way to talk your self out of going for them? You seem to find every excuse there is to not go for it. It’s too expensive, not at the right time, etc. Let me share something with you, there are no excuses. Successful people do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

Are you a procrastinator? No matter how much you try to get things done, are you always getting in your own way?

Do you lack focus? A lot of us entrepreneurs have bright-red-shiny-object syndrome, meaning it’s hard to stay focused and implement each idea we have. If this relates to you, it could also be an indication that something else is going on.

Are you stuck in analysis paralysis or perfection paralysis? Meaning you hide behind your computer trying to figure it all out before you get out there, all the while keeping yourself hidden instead of just doing it and course correcting along the way.

If you find any of the above are happening on a consistent basis then there is likely something happening on a deeper level. You probably don’t realize this, but you are sabotaging your own success. Take a look at your belief system. Do you think you deserve to be successful? Do you believe it’s your birthright to have abundance in ALL areas of your life? Are you afraid of failing or even afraid of succeeding? How do you feel about rich people and making money?

Figuring out your belief system and where they come from is the first step, and half the battle. Once you have identified this, ask yourself if those beliefs are worth holding you back and preventing you from achieving the success level you desire and deserve.