As entrepreneurs sometimes we can hold on to wanting something so badly, that we don’t realize we’re actually pushing it away…

We definitely want to get clear on what we want, and put it out there by asking for it, but when we hold on to trying to make it happen so tightly, we are essentially saying we don’t trust it will actually happen.

We try to control the “how” and the “when” it will happen.

Which is essentially FEAR.

And what we put out comes back, so it’s no wonder we start to see more fear or lack-based results in our businesses, aka lack thereof.

It can also show up in other areas of our lives. For example, more circumstances in our relationships that cause stress can start “appearing”. An appliance can break down, causing further financial stress. The list goes on…

So how can we shift this energy?

Well, we need to start strengthen our belief in something bigger. A universe that is there to guide us and show us every next step.

And when we step into this place, we have shifted our energy and are putting out trust, faith, and essentially love instead.

And we get more back of just that, like empowered results.

So how do we start trusting?

We start letting go slowly and repetitively, and we will start seeing not only that we are safe, but that this is where that magical flow resides 💫

Where solutions are abundant.

Have a beautiful weekend, and if you want to explore the depths of letting go even more, we share on our podcast this week that sometimes it takes getting fed up to finally be ready to surrender the “white knuckling” approach most have us have become accustomed to.

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox