I hope your weekend is off to a great start! We have my parents arriving tonight to participate in some of the final the senior activities! Tomorrow we kick off with Jude’s senior sendoff celebration for the volunteer organization we’ve been a part of since he was in grade 7. I’m excited to celebrate him and cheer him on as he says his speech

And I’ve been thinking about you lately, with how it feels when people just aren’t signing-up for your services or buying your products…

The kicker is that you know you can help them.

You want to help them.

Your ready to help them. “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, to play…”

But they just don’t get it.

And you’re doing all of the things.

Putting out free content.

Maybe even a little dancing a little on the gram

You’re flat out telling them you can help.

Please! Let me help you!

Still no takers.

And this sucks. Let’s be honest.

Because you’ve poured your heart and soul into this. To getting the skills, the certifications, the know how…

Going out on a whim to start this business.

So why in the world aren’t people buying?

It’s because of you.

Ahhh….I’m sorry! Tough love I know but this awareness will set you free I promise!

I’ve been there too, and I sometimes slip back.

When we are so focused on getting, we start to get frustrated and resentful when it doesn’t start flowing.

We almost get self-righteous in what we’re offering.

We start making bold moves – telling people they need our help when they haven’t asked.

And herein lies the conundrum.

It’s okay to focus on our goals and dreams, and want to earn a living, a great one at that!

But when we’re so focused on that and we lose sight of giving, we let that unrelenting ego take over.

We slip into fear. Fear about how we’re going to get clients, and how we’re doing to keep this business afloat.

The problem is this is felt.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of what this feels like, when someone is trying to “get”.

And it’s okay, our intentions are good.

We just need a little shift.

We need to remember and strengthen the belief that there is a whole universe working behind the scenes to help us help more people.

We cannot have the idea of a business, without the way being there to make it a success.

The more we lean into this, we can lean away from fear.

The more we can focus on helping and serving, we strengthen the knowing this will come back in spades.

When we come from a place of service this is felt. This is love. This is abundance. This is reciprocated.

This happened with one of our students recently. She took my Abundance Accelerator course with the intention of wanting to be a part of our coaching program and to connect with more clients to serve.

She had some major shifts along the way

But she was still stuck.

She was worrying about clients, and this was reflected in her business stalling.

This then started to take the form of blame. Blame on not getting results.

But we stayed the course and stayed focused.

We celebrated her shifts.

We focused on giving not getting.

And she wanted to shift, and she kept at it. That is the key

Well she had a massive internal shift, and her business exploded AND she started receiving new clients through us.

Not a coincidence it all happened at once.

It’s always an internal job.

So if you’re sitting in a place of blame, shame, doubt or worry, do some deep self-care this weekend.

Reconnect with who you really are.

Strengthen your connection and belief in Source.

It’s got you

Make decisions from this place.

Serve from this place.

Because there’s a whole universe that has clients lined up out the door to work with you.

And all you need to do is allow it in.

Step out of blame and into bliss.

Love your life, love the universe, and love yourself.

Everything you are wanting to create is already there for you.