Do you often find yourself making decisions around your current circumstances? Where you are in terms of how much time you have or your financial situation? Or based on what happened in the past?

After helping a client move through some big decisions this week, I am reminded about the power of our decision making.

This client has grown leaps and bounds, and still found herself being dragged back to where she used to be by the good old ego!

You know that part of us that has us doubting ourselves and what’s possible, trying to get us to give in and stay where we are.

The issue being though that we never get to where we want to go.

So, what helps us bridge this gap?

Well, a couple of things, but the first being making decisions from where we want to be.

The decision always has to come first.

We cannot invite the “how” in if we don’t decide to go for it first!

This is counter intuitive I know. We’ve been taught by society to make decisions from our circumstances first.

The second, is remembering (and strengthening) that there is a whole universe supporting us. It is ready and willing, but we still have to say GO! We have free will and get to say yay or nay, and it is hanging on our yay.

Third, is taking action as if we already have what we decided to go for in the first place. We must make all of our subsequent decisions from this place.

This is where it gets tricky. We may not have enough evidence (or at all) of this yet. We’re kind of taking a big leap of faith here.

It’s helpful to draw on other experiences, as well as our own as we create them.

The ego wants to get us to stop. I always say “new level same devil” because it’s the same old limiting belief that shows us to try to get us to stop.

But as we go and continue to take action, we will start creating different results.

Thus, giving ourselves more and more experiences (evidence) to support what we’re wanting and the beliefs we need to get there.

Once my client pivoted, from fear to truth, she saw exactly what she’s created and how she is supported.

And she became empowered to keep creating the business she is already creating by continuing to make decisions from the high-end version of herself that she already is deep down.

So, tune in, where do you want to be in your business? Or choose something specific you want to create within it.

What do you need to believe in order to achieve it?

What inspired action do you need to take now even if it’s a little scary?

Go for it!!!

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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