As entrepreneurs sometimes we can hold on to wanting something so badly, that we don’t realize we’re actually pushing it away…

We definitely want to get clear on what we want, and put it out there by asking for it, but when we hold on to trying to make it happen so tightly, we are essentially saying we don’t trust it will actually happen.

We try to control the “how” and the “when” it will happen.

Which is essentially FEAR.

And what we put out comes back, so it’s no wonder we start to see more fear or lack-based results in our businesses, aka lack thereof.

It can also show up in other areas of our lives. For example, more circumstances in our relationships that cause stress can start “appearing”. An appliance can break down, causing further financial stress. The list goes on…

So how can we shift this energy?

Well, we need to start strengthening our belief in something bigger. A universe that is there to guide us and show us every next step.

And when we step into this place, we have shifted our energy and are putting out trust, faith, and essentially love instead.

And we get more back of just that, like empowered results.

I can’t tell you how many things showed-up while I was just was traveling…it’s one of my favourite ways to practice this stuff…

From amazing seats on the plane, to angel feathers, to getting prime tables at restaurants, to miraculously getting ahead in lines, SO many things!

And while all of that is amazing…what was the most impactful was realizing we’re never alone.

Before meeting up with my daughter and the family she was traveling with, I roamed around London on my own.

My first full day I felt really alone. It triggered this sadness inside of me and this anxiousness I hadn’t felt for a long time. I immediately started counting down the things to do I had planned and hours left. in order to appease these feelings.


What I realized in that moment, is this is how I used to feel when I was little. Alone and sad.

I spent a lot of time on my own with being an only child and it was lonely at both parents homes (they divorced when I was little). It had nothing to do with either parent, and honestly it might not have mattered if I had a sibling. But I can see now how my OCD took form.

I felt alone so I started trying to control that feeling by counting. The deeper fear of being alone being dying essentially.

And I’ve always said my spiritual journey helped “cure” my OCD. Well really what was going on was I started believing we are all more than what we see physically and my core fears started to subside (not that they’re gone fully, but have subsided immensely).

And so on that full day in London, I started seeing signs. Signs all around me. I started worrying and then looked up and saw an angel statue. I was walking around Piccadilly Circus and saw the word Matilda. Something very personal that reminds me of my Dad. Then the most amazing musician was playing live music in the square, and out of the 4 songs I listened to, one was a song that reminded me immensely of my Dad and our time together when I was little, and another of my husband’s Mom that we danced to many times during our cottage dance parties! I knew they were both with me and felt the tingles all over. I then went on to see angel feathers (what I call feathers) in the most random places ❤️

And what I realized in that moment, is that even when we are physically alone, we are never actually alone. I felt so much love + support that day, and I ended up having the most amazing time!

If only we could all know this, how different would we all show-up in the world?

So how do we start trusting in something bigger than ourselves?

We start letting go slowly and repetitively, and we will start seeing not only that we are safe, but that this is where that magical flow resides 💫

Where solutions are abundant.

Wishing you so much love + peace, and I look forward to reconnecting with you this week inside of our facebook group, on all things being intentional in creating our goals and dreams.