I hope you had a great week! I felt really off last week if I’m being honest 😢

I had finished writing my book, and at first I thought maybe I was just needed a little extra self-care time since I had put a lot of energy into this project.

But it wasn’t really tracking…

Because sure I always love a nice day off, but I had been practicing self-care the whole time, and so it didn’t feel like stress and overwhelm was the issue.

I also had zero motivation to do the things I usually love to do when I have a couple of free days – like heading to the beach, going for a massage, taking an extra long walk…

I wanted no part of that.

I was angry and hating the world, and wanted to be alone.

After two days of this, I was like, “universe, please help me shift this!”

And then I immediately had the idea to call my parents, my mom and step-dad.

It had been awhile since we had a nice long chat.

Well, during the conversation something interesting happened.

We somehow got into the issues Hockey Canada is having right now with sexual assault cases. Their funding has been stopped while investigations are being carried out.

It led to my step-dad sharing all of the work he’s a part of for the Ontario Curling Association on diversity & inclusion.

He is so passionate about learning and sharing right now, with even correcting his friends when they make inappropriate jokes.

And in his words…”I’m a red neck from Saskatchewan, and have so much to learn.”


What a shift!

And something happened during that call… his inspiration was palpable, and I started feeling it.

I then got inspired – not around anything in-particular – but his energy impacted me.

I got off the phone, and went on to do a workout, did stuff around the house, went for a long walk with the dog, and enjoyed a night out with my husband and friends celebrating the writing I had just completed!

It was a magical day 💫

All because of inspiration and motivation.

What I realized in that moment, is that we have to have a bigger purpose. He is 75 and is so passionate about what he is doing.

Connecting to something we are excited about – whether it’s career oriented, advocating for a cause, or even good health – is everything.

Without it we have no motivation.

And not having motivation leads to depression-like feelings and maybe even depression itself.

That is how I felt those two days and couldn’t stand it any longer.

I realized I am my happiest when I’m creating.

Creating a book, real estate investing, or just keeping myself on track with feeling good – whether that’s working out or taking classes to sharpen my intuition.

It’s a purpose.

And it doesn’t have to be grandiose.

So tune in, and ask yourself what is your purpose right now? What lights you up, and drives you forward to create and manifest?

Per A Course in Miracles, it’s our function (not some airy, fairy dream), to create joy.

We have a whole universe there to support us.

But we do have free will, and we can decide to stay down-in-the-dumps, or ask for some help to shift it.

And for those of you wanting a deeper dive into these principals, in our podcast this week, we talk about the ingredients to access that un-limitless potential inside of all of us. Where there’s a will there’s a way…

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

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