I took a social media break for a full week recently – a Monday to Monday right after I posted that I was taking a break 🤣

I didn’t love the feeling of “pressure to post” and wanted a little breather.

What I learned was interesting.

First, I am way too attached!

I found myself thinking about posting often, like an addict. Ohhh… this would make a good post… and I better take my photo this way or that way so it will look nice on social! Yikes. A lot of thoughts on auto-pilot…

Second, the habit is fierce!!

I pride myself on (and teaching others about) empowered schedules. I block in time for EVERYTHING that is important to me both personally and professionally or it won’t get done. This includes time for social media.

But there is a little something that is horrifying.

It’s called automatic habits.

Things we do that we don’t even realize!

Until we shine a BIG light on them!

I realized whenever I had a break in my day, I was automatically reaching for my phone to go on social.


And this is with taking a break from it!

I wouldn’t even realize at first until I was already on there scrolling, with even responding to someone’s cute post about a US woman winning an Olympic gold medal for surfing! 🏄🏻‍♀️

But that is exciting right?!

I pride myself on not going on social a lot and little did I know I am actually on there A LOT!!!!

For my standards anyway 😉

It’s these little unconscious habits that throw us off from what we really want to be doing and end up eating a lot of our time especially as entrepreneurs.

Third, I missed connecting. Truly.

At the end of the day, this is why I am on social. And I was happy that this came through. I love seeing what people are up to and found myself thinking, I wonder what so and so’s doing…

And I missed it.

Social media is a great way to connect when we use it CONSCIOUSLY.

So I invite you to take a quick check-in this week…

  1. Do an inventory – how much are you actually on there? Catch yourself and jot it down in a notebook or on your phone.
  2. How much do you want to be on there? What feels empowered and intentional?
  3. Speaking of intentions, what are yours? Adjust #2 if need be 💛

Let’s consciously choose how we want to spend our time. And a great question in general is:

Is this taking me closer or further from my dreams?

I would also ask this, is it in alignment with my values?

Connecting with others is a huge one for me, and social also allows me to share my teachings from a business perspective, so for me social media fits. It’s just a matter of to what extent. 🤔

I hope this helps you, and have a beautiful weekend too!

~ Chris xox