You’re probably familiar with it too.

When business results just aren’t flowing.

When that sale we were hoping for or webinar we just hosted, has not yield the results we wanted…

That we were counting on.

And the seed of doubt is planted.

And we begin to excessively water said thoughts.

Who am I to run this business?

Why isn’t it working?

I’m doing everything I can!

I should be further ahead.

How come Sally Sue gets to “manifest” all of the success I want? At least that’s what her Instagram says…

And we spiral down and down.

Were we land on thoughts of throwing in the towel. Giving up. Quitting.

And for some a lot more is riding on their success, like their entire self-worth and value as a human.

And so the thought of this is crippling. Far worse than the thought of getting fired from any corporate job.

This was me and I almost quit.

These extreme doubts had me in the worst inner turmoil and kept me awake at night.

But I did not quit. Thank goodness.

What did I do?

I focused on the beliefs I knew to be true.

That is was possible.

That if Sally could do it, I sure as heck could.

And I affirmed these beliefs over and over while being aware of the old, limiting ones that tried to get me to stop.

Because that is what the subconscious mind is designed to do. Get us to STOP. Where we feel safe. And putting ourselves out there in business does not feel safe.

Until it does.

Until it becomes the new norm.

Until we’re comfortable getting uncomfortable.

And we start to see success.

And we celebrate every single step.

Because we knew deep down we could do it and we stuck with it.

And along the way we see that the more we know we’re already good enough and worthy enough, the more our outer results are reflected.

That the more we let go the more it flows.

That the more we follow our internal guidance – that includes taking care of ourselves – the more we strengthen our manifesting and co-creating power with the universe!

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