Tip #1: Keep track of your cycle. This was a game changer for me. If you track your cycle, you will be able to easily tell if how you’re feeling is PMS related. You can then adjust from there.

Tip #2:
 Check out some progesterone creams – and full disclaimer – I am not a health professional and you should seek your own guidance to verify any of these recommendations, but this was a tip given to me by a health coach awhile back and it made a difference 😉 I don’t know if this is a placebo effect – isn’t everything though really?? – if you believe it you will achieve it!! But when I apply this cream during that time of the month, I swear I feel better within 20 minutes!! The emotions start to neutralize and I’m suddenly not taking every single comment under the sun personally! Ahhh…

Tip #3:
 Take it easy! When you track your cycle, you can cut yourself a break. I do this with meal planning – Trader Joe’s is awesome for these weeks! – and I also now reduce my expectations of what I can and can’t get done. Honestly ladies, this is self-love at it’s finest and I’m finally getting a grasp on this. We do not have to be grinding it out all of the time! There is a time and a place for that inspired action taking 🙂 Just like there is a time and a place to rest and restore. Am I saying take the week off? No. But you could I guess if you wanted to! It’s about tuning into what you need that week, and every week really, and being kind to yourself. Giving yourself permission. Slowing down. A lot will come out from this energy you’re putting out.

And last but not least, just being aware is half the battle. Don’t take your emotions too seriously during this time. Realize what’s happening. When making important decisions, think about how you would make them when you’re feeling at your best. Maybe even do something to get your energy up and clarity on, like a walk in nature or a meditation. It really does wonders no matter where you’re at in your cycle 😉

Much Love,
Chris xoxo