A coach I worked with once said if we let anything or anyone throw us off from our business goal, we are letting our subconscious take over.

The part deep down that feels the need to be nice. To be there if someone needs us. To drop everything to be there. Which in turn keeps us at an arm’s length from our goal, but we can justify it because “so and so” had a crisis and we had to be there.

His point is that it’s all one big distraction.

And so I went on to set some really harsh boundaries around my time and who I gave it to.

I had my eye on the prize that’s for sure.

And while I do think this is true, that we can get distracted by what’s going on around us, and also that harsher boundaries are needed at first especially if we’re not used to setting them, I definitely have a different take on this now.

Especially as I studied A Course in Miracles more, and started strengthening the spiritual laws around love and connection.

We are all one mind and therefore want to connect and share, and be there for one another.

To serve, to protect, to love, and to support.

That’s kind of hard if we’re focused on one monetary business goal.

We let that be the priority and miss all of the opportunities around us to connect, to support, to give.

And not that our businesses aren’t built on those principals, for most of us they are, but we’re kind of missing the point if the 💰 is our focus.

And what’s interesting is, the more we focus on the spiritual principals the more the monetary part flows anyway.

Because we’re alignment with a loving, helpful energy.

And not that we shouldn’t still have business goals or that it’s wrong to focus on money (money didn’t do anything to us!), it’s just that we miss the mark being so narrowly focused.

Love attracts love, and when we’re helping, giving, and supporting, we see the loving way for our goal to come to fruition as well. If we allow ourselves to receive.

Love is giving and receiving.

And on that note, that’s exactly what my old coach was saying if we look at being distracted from a spiritual place.

If we’re giving, giving, giving, and always putting others first, and their needs first, we are not allowing ourselves to receive.

To receive love, support and guidance. That is there for us.

We start to take on a martyr role and become resentful of spending our time this way.

I’ve had a few distractions lately, and what I’m reminded of is that it’s not so much about the time we’re spending, it’s about the state we’re coming from.

If we’re empowered, we’re on track. Because empowered decisions create empowered results in ALL areas of life and that is what enables us to see a soul-ution in two seconds flat.

But if we’re disempowered we enter doubt, worry, guilt, fear, and head down what I like to call a doubt-spiral. Where we cannot see our way out and feel stuck. Where we truly feel helpless.

Not great for creating or taking us closer to our goal.

And what’s likely happening if you’re doing all the things, but feeling empowered? Results are flowing.

So take a peek at where you’re at. Where are you at in terms of your goal?

And are you feeling empowered or disempowered?

If it’s disempowered, you can shift this I promise.

Think of one thing that is going to help this weekend. Ask the universe for help if you’re stuck.

Something will happen. You will have an idea, see something, or someone will invite you somewhere.

Something will happen if you allow it to.

I am going to yoga today and the spot I go to ads in Wim Hoff style breathing at the end, followed by a cold plunge and infrared sauna.

This pulls me out of my head and into my heart every single time.

What is it for you?