Tolerations? What are these you ask?

Anything that is draining your energy and preventing you from focusing on what you really want to be doing instead. They can involve your relationships or your physical environment. They’re things like needing to fix your car, and instead of just booking an appointment to fix it, you keep thinking about it and that you need to handle it, but don’t.

These types of things are HUGE energy drains, and keep you from having peace. We don’t give ourselves the permission to handle them, and instead create stress and overwhelm. They keep us feeling bad.

Self-care = self-love. This means giving ourselves the permission to feel good consistently.
Take a look at all of the tings you are tolerating in your life, business and relationships. What needs to be taken care of, shifted or let go of? Make a list and start assigning dates to tackle them by.
This will free up a ton of energy and you will feel lighter! YAY!!

Namaste friends xo