My son (who’s 16) told us the other day he likes active meditation…

First, to hear he likes any kind of meditation was exciting!

He lovingly tells me I’m a hippie… in which my response is always “I wish!” I long to be that chill! 🤣

Second, he went on to tell us that an active meditation is when you’re doing something that you are so engaged in that you’re super focused on it. Being present essentially. For him this looks like spearfishing and snowboarding.

I LOVE this concept.

And it’s probably why I love walking so much. Not that I have to be super present or I’ll get pummeled by a wave like if I was surfing… but there’s something about being active in nature for me ❤️

It clears my mind and helps me get grounded.

I have all of my brainstorms walking, and not really when I meditate. Although it does bring me other benefits.

And that’s why I never say you have to do “this or that” when practicing self-care.

It’s whatever it is for YOU. And what makes you calm and connected will be different than other people.

When we operate from that place we are empowered. And an empowered way of being leads to empowered decisions, which leads to empowered results.

“Shoulds” and “have to’s” do not.

So if meditating just isn’t your thing, how about trying this instead? What does an active mediation look like for you?

Have a beautiful weekend! I am looking forward to my parents arriving this coming week for the holidays 🎄

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. We’re on a break from the pod until the new year, and will be back with a bang with a special guest! It’s a great time to get caught-up in the meantime 💙