We all get busy with our day to day lives but remembering to get some physical exercise is so important! We have to rid our bodies of all the stress in our lives.


In this week’s article below, I talk about how physical activity is great to help you focus and de-stress.


We humans carry around a lot of stuff. Heavy emotion can bog us down if we don’t find a good release for it. And it can actually show-up in unexpected ways – like our health – if we’re not careful. I had such a great workout AND I was so surprised at the release that came out of it! Things that made me angry that I hadn’t thought about for awhile, came flooding to the surface! It felt so great to punch that bag and release the heavy energy surrounding the memories! I’m convinced that all kids should have this as part of their school curriculum  I’ll be taking my kids soon!


What I found interesting about boxing, is that it forces you to be uber present. It only takes a small slip in attention to get seriously injured. I lost focus for a split second, hit my wrist the wrong way, and got a little sprain. It was a great reality check.


I used to kick box in my university days and I now have a whole new appreciation for it with since becoming a business owner.


What are we missing in our businesses and lives, but being so distracted?


What if we could be uber present all of the time? Imagine how much more rich and fulfilling our lives would be…


This sport is such a fantastic way to stay focused!


It was also one bad ass workout. It was a great lesson in what an hour of focus and determination can bring. I felt amazing and had the best workout, not only physically, but mentally. It was complete and total release of heavier energy.


A little commitment and focus goes a long way.


I’m loving the correlation lately between pushing ourselves physically and how it shifts our mental state. We become braver, more courageous, more empowered and STRONGER!!


We are capable of so much more then we give ourselves credit for.


By tackling something physical, it gives us the strength and courage to tackle the deep emotional stuff. Meaning our own limitations within our minds. The thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from living the life we really dream of. If you can conquer something physically, you will have the strength to do it mentally.


Watch out world, here we come!!