I’m always thinking about how I can best serve my clients and the people I’m connected with. What came up for me was to shake-up the way I’m connecting with you on Fridays! I decided it would be helpful to interact with you personally 🙂 Meaning, if you are feeling stuck in your business and need help moving forward, then I would love to hear from you and answer your questions directly. My plan right now is to alternate between sharing information and insights with you in the usual online article format, with answering questions in the format of “email coaching”. This will give you an outlet for receiving information you may not be able to get otherwise. Chances are a lot of you are having similar issues, and so by answering one person’s question, it will likely help many of you at once 🙂 Let’s give it a try!

In the future, please send your questions to info@totalharmonycoaching.com

To make this process work, please choose one question and describe your situation briefly and with as much clarity as possible. I’m looking forward to being of service even more!

Today I am starting with a question I received earlier this week about sales. Read on for the question and answer that will get you moving now!

This week’s question comes from Rhonda. Rhonda asks how to go about sales, as this is the area that stumps her in her business.

This is a great question because so many of us don’t realize that sales is the blood of our business. I wasn’t taught until later on in my business just how important mastering the sales conversation is. My mentor, David Neagle, likes to say, “Sales isn’t something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone.”

We’ve all had that negative experience where someone tried to “sell” us something without taking the time to find out if it was really something we wanted or needed. If we’re being really honest, we’ve probably all done that too – for lack of knowing any better. That’s okay. The great thing about sales, is you can learn it. Taking the time during a sales conversation is really about asking questions. Asking the person what they really want and why they aren’t getting it. If your product or service will fill that gap, then it will be a natural next step to offer it to them.

This process really isn’t about you. It’s about helping them move forward to where they want to go.

When you approach a sales conversation, try keeping the thought “how can I best help this person” in the forefront of your mind. If it’s your product or service, great! If not, wish them well and point them in the right direction if you can.

Mastering this process takes practice like anything else. If you’re looking for a great script, check out David Neagle’s Compassionate Conversion at www.davidneagle.com

Sales is something that you must do every single day regardless of where you’re at in your business. Remember, people are literally praying right now and asking for your help! Happy calling!