After a year of working on this next home in Costa Rica, losing out on two others in the process, we finally closed on this property today and it’s absolute perfection! The builder thought of everything and we are so grateful 💛

This photo shows the exact vision I kept seeing when we were deciding whether or not to go for it…seeing myself sitting on the back deck with a coffee overlooking nature …

And what’s funny is when I was tuning into whether or not this was the right decision…I didn’t even know there was a back deck.

We found out afterward there was going to be this amazing deck.

And then later the builder had to move the entire house (easier there than in the US, but still a big undertaking), after realizing he did not adhere to the laws in place since part of the property is considered a nature reserve, with backing on to a river and green space.

And I was like, “but what about the deck?!”

And it all worked out to keep it, they just made it smaller but it’s still huge!

And so what is the difference between being guided and forcing what you want?

This to me has been the biggest lesson in manifesting…

Listening versus forcing.

So often we’re trying to force things we think we want to create. But we don’t always know what is truly in our best interest – is it an ego goal or loving creation 🤔

It helps to ask why we want what we do for sure, but we can talk ourselves into thinking we know because we’re trying to force something to happen. Knowing the difference in our own bodies is helpful too.

But the biggest one for me, is tuning in and asking to be shown what is best. I had a combination of this years ago when I wanted to move to California.

The desire to move to California was a dream I’ve had since I was 8 years old. So when the dream resurfaced years later, I knew in my heart I wanted to live here. This was a dream made out of love and co-creating. In hindsight even these thoughts and ideas are coming from something bigger than us that we’re all a part of and connected to.

But then something interesting happened and it was the same with this Costa Rica house. When I started visualizing what it would be like to be there, I started seeing more of a vision of it. It was nothing I had seen before or was trying to make happen. I saw myself and my family walking alongside massive cliffs on the beach in Southern California. I had never been to a part like that before that I was trying to envision. And that’s where we live now.

For the deck in Costa Rica, I didn’t know there was a deck and I kept seeing myself having coffee on it!

It’s the wildest thing…but we all have this. Whether it shows up as seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, etc.

It’s our intuition. It’s how the universe guides us.

Whether it’s through those initial ideas and thoughts, or visions along the way.

It’s about tuning in and trusting it.

Knowing it has our back.

And I don’t know about you, but I would way rather trust this divine all knowing, then the ego trying to talk me into stuff that might seem great but is not in my best interest at the end of the day.

So tune in, what is your intuition truly telling you?

And how do you know what is your intuitive guidance?

The best way to start recognizing it is to look at past examples.

When have you followed the guidance and it’s worked out? When you just “knew”.

Where did you feel it in your body?

What about visualizing?

When did you just have some type of a vision around something versus forcing it?

That is the guidance we can all trust.

And trust it to show-us every step of the way.

But we do all have an ego, that’s trying to throw us off a path of love, joy, and peace, that’s just one big distraction!

So we have to keep tuning in, and start strengthening making decisions that are in alignment with the guidance. and that’s why self-care is so powerful. It creates the space (and vibe) to do this.

I hope you are on track to creating your hearts desires.

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