I’m fresh off of a 3-day water fast! You read that right, 3 DAYS!!!
How did this craziness come about you might be wondering…
Well, one of my good friends had been learning about it for months, and was about to take the plunge.

And after the holidays I was feeling a little sluggish, and so at the 11th hour I texted her saying, “when are you doing that fast again?”
The answer, tomorrow 😳

And so I decided I was IN.

And it turned out there was a whole group being led by Dr. Mindy Pelz through Hay House for this 3-day fast. This was the perfect gift 🎁

I got up to speed quickly with her videos on how to prep and what it was all about. I was excited, and it was completely in alignment with the reset I was wanting.
AND there was daily support through videos and of course with my friend. Daily support was everything ❤️

I learned that around the 24-hour mark our gut health improves, brain fog clears, and fat burning begins. At the 48-hour mark serotonin and dopamine are replenished, and around 72-hours, stem cells and white blood cells are replenished! Wow!

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