No, I’m not referring to any kind of drugs, alcohol or even coffee. What I am referring to is a healthy dose of inspiration. Today I’m writing this article to you from an inspired workstation. I’m at a restaurant along the Pacific Coast Highway, where I’m enjoying a gorgeous view of the Pacific. I just found this place today 🙂




I woke-up in a funky mood. It’s a rainy day, and the clouds always seem to affect my mood. I needed to find something inspiring quickly – in order to shift this less then desirable energy I was experiencing. In today’s article I share how I did it and why it’s so important for your business to live from an inspired place.


Article: Uppers or Downers?

I asked myself, “what do I need in order to have an inspired day”? What do I need to do to shift my energy and make it a great day? The obvious wasn’t so obvious to me at first. I started with listening to a great audio that was uplifting. It then occurred to me that I’m living my dream – I live in a beach town!! – and so, the answer was simple. Head to the water! I immediately started Googling places with a view where I could work for the morning. Voila! It took not even a minute and I discovered the perfect place. As I was driving over, my energy instantly shifted. I was excited to be near the water and for what I was going to create with being in such a beautiful setting.


When I got here,  it was everything I had imagined. A cozy place where they have restaurant seating with delicious and healthy café style food – from morning to night! Perfect for an early morning solution! When I went to choose my table, a woman came up to me and said she and her husband had just finished with the corner table. Divinely inspired I’m sure 🙂 I now have a panoramic view of the ocean and I am almost in tears due to the bliss I feel in my heart.


I share this with you, because there are several key factors that are important.


Follow your bliss in everything you do. From where you live, to whom you spend your time with, to how you spend your days. Live an inspired life. Trust the ideas in your heart and stop doing things you think you should. Life is too short. When focusing on the aspects of your business you don’t particularly enjoy, think about your bigger mission and why you started your business to begin with. Think about hiring help to assist you with those less then desirable tasks.


It doesn’t mean you won’t ever have a down day. When you feel a little off, think about what is going to make you happy. What is one thing you can do that day, or look forward to doing, that will make all of the difference?


I could have stayed in my home office and been perfectly fine. I can tell you I wouldn’t have been inspired though. And without inspiration, definitely doesn’t come inspired action. I trusted my instincts and did what I needed to do to shift it quickly. I was lucky it was on a day that I didn’t have any calls or meetings scheduled for the morning. If you’re not in a position to do something that will help you shift it, plan on something for afterward. Just looking forward to something will be enough to shift it.


Think about how doing something so small can have such a big impact in your business. If you aren’t feeling inspired, you must shift it immediately. For if you don’t, every single activity, conversation, project, etc. just won’t have the energy it must have. You won’t have the perspective to make heart-centered decisions. You won’t be BE-ing who you need to be in order to get the results you desire or make the impact you’re here to have. It’s everything.


Every day is a new day. What can you do today to live inspired?