One of the common phrases most of us grew-up with and are deeply afraid of.

We would never and I repeat NEVER want to be perceived this way. And I mean NEVER.

And therein lies one of the many stories keeping you stuck from growing your business.

The judgement of others. We will do anything to not be centered out. Therefore, stay small and not put ourselves out there.

It’s these unconscious beliefs that we have deep down around money and success that are blocking us.

Because what we put out (thoughts and therefore feelings), conscious or not, is what we get more back of.

I put out a funny post on the gram the other day – who knew we would get to showcase our acting skills when we started our businesses 🤣 – where I illustrated two scenarios on what your money could be thinking about you if it could talk.


What would you money say if it could talk? If it was a person and in a relationship with you?

My kids have started pointing out now that they’re older just how many “life lessons” are sprinkled in on the daily by moi 🤣 And when I see money laying on the floor in my teenager’s room – you better believe I’m telling him his money feels sad and neglected, and in order to attract more he better start valuing it.

So how does your money feel about you? Does it feel valued?

Identifying this will help you to uncover the deep seated beliefs you have around money and success, whether positive or negative.

So this weekend, write a letter to yourself as your money.

This one is always a crowd pleaser ❤️

And when you’ve done that, commit to showing-up differently!

What do you want to believe instead?

Affirm this often and start making decisions from this place in order to create a new and empowered result.

Happy weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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