What I didn’t expect with this health journey I’m on is the increased sensitivity to spotting people’s B.S. 😳

With letting go of alcohol, gluten, sugar, vegetables (don’t ask), and a whole lotta toxins, what has accompanied all of this is my inner lie detector being magnified tenfold!

And by lies, I mean seeing the lies people are both telling others and to themselves.

What has been difficult for me, is then reacting to said lies. Like I can see what’s going on, but then I’m taking the bait and getting sucked in to the drama of it all. Again heightened sensitivity.

But where it rains it shines always 💛

And after working through a doozy of a situation this week, and feeling so disconnected and anxious as a result, I was able to tune inward after some serious reassurance-seeking-outside-of-myself failed miserably…

Let’s be honest, these spirals do not feel good. For ourselves – with our anxiety increasing the more we try to get reassurance from others, and for the people in our lives who are on the receiving end – with being at a loss on how to help because nothing they say lands.

And it makes sense it doesn’t land – we’re looking in the wrong place for the strength to overcome these grievances.

I’m sharing my journal entry that helped me reconnect and utilize the tools we ALL have WITHIN to wake-up, see clearly, and let go of the inner turmoil we’re experiencing, even when this feels impossible. Because it did for me.

This journalling came after reading chapter 18, section 8, of A Course in Miracles. I highly recommend reading this part if you are really feeling stuck in a situation and can’t see a way out.

And what does this have to do with manifesting our business & lifestyle dreams?


It’s this stuff that keeps us distracted and disconnected. It’s the connection to Source that enables us to co-create our biggest hearts desires ❤️

I hope this journal entry helps you along your path to inner-peace too.