We always have a choice to tune in and listen to the universal guidance that is inside all of us at any given time. It’s the consciousness that connects us, and there are many words to describe it: intuition, instincts, divine guidance, source energy, universal truth, and so on.

In our latest podcast we announce a special new sponsor 💛

A friend of ours in town has started a breath work movement. He is a successful chiropractor, and has now expanded into this area. He has studied directly with Wim Hof, and has a whole plethora of online classes. I have been fortunate enough to attend in-person several times, and I can tell you this: I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 15 years, and I have never EVER gone as deep as I did in this class!!!

AT one point I stopped thinking – truly imagine that!!! – and after realizing it, I then thought, this is what it’s like to go beyond our thoughts! The energy and consciousness we’re all apart of is just energy and space, and has no thoughts!

And yes my 11-year-old daughter thinks I’m crazy! 🤣

But truly it was the most amazing experience! I loved it so much that I have gifted his monthly membership to my clients and also included it as a bonus in my new course.

You can tune into this week’s episode and receive the mind-altering special they are extending to our listeners! Yay!!

But what’s even crazier is how we finalized the sponsorship to begin with.

We had been trying to connect by phone and busy schedules kept getting in the way…I was out walking the dog (all my best brainstorms come in this way), when we were supposed to connect, and I suddenly “remembered” that his amazing wife was hosting a yoga class that I had been wanting to try. My ego kept telling me I had too much to do. My wiser self-kept saying “you slowing down is your f*$%n’ super power (she tends to swear!)

So I texted her and there was room in the class 🧘🏻‍♀️

I then thought, that’s perfect I can go a few minutes early to talk to my friend.

That worked perfectly for him and so I rode my bike over – how FUNNNNNN!!!!!

The three of us ended up having THE MOST amazing conversation!!

And what I love is how full circle this has come – he used to help me write my speaking engagements for chiropractors and here we are in this completely new realm…

BUT the best part of this day…

No one else showed-up for the yoga class! Which never happens and so I had a private class on their back deck that looks like something out of Bali all to myself!!!! It completely filled me up mentally, physically &Default Alt Tag for this page spiritually…


I hope you will check them out for their online breathing classes – which are great for those who don’t love yoga AND for those who do!!

So follow that guidance, it never lies…

Namaste and have a beautiful weekend,

Chris, xo