It’s really important to find that sweet spot with your energy when setting-up your schedule. Do your most important tasks while you have high energy. Look at what time of day that usually is for you and set-up your schedule accordingly. Do the same for the tasks you need less energy for, and schedule them for your lower energy periods.


Now this is where the scale comes in. Life is going to happen – as you know – and sometimes your energy is going to be lagging or higher then usual. You may have a busy week (lagging), or a super exciting week (energizing). During those times, try out the 1-10 scale of being tired. If it’s super high, adjust your schedule and cut yourself a break. Focus on lower energy tasks that day instead. There is no point trying to force something if you’re really tired. Now if you absolutely can’t change around what you’re doing, schedule in extra breaks or try to finish your day a little early. Taking care of yourself being the number one message. Be aware of your Ego trying to guilt-trip you here, and really check in on what has to be done and what can wait. Whose rules & expectations are they?


On the flip side, if you have more energy then usual, use that to your advantage and get some things done that you’ve been putting off, or put in extra time on the revenue generating activities that are the most profitable and enjoyable. Have fun!


If you find however, that you’re are rescheduling your tasks more often then not, due to low energy levels, it is likely a sign that something else is going on. Poor health or your subconscious trying to derail you are top contenders.


So what is your ranking on the tired, drunk and hungry scale? And for goodness sake, please take a lunch break! Schedule in that down time just for you! Re drunkenness – DO NOT POST on social media if you’ve had a couple. Might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning here 🙂


When you take time for you and cut yourself a break, you will be amazed at how opportunities and solutions magically appear 🙂